My hair is now 14 shades lighter and 2.5 shades redder... woot!
Do you like the new icon? I thought it was appropriate.

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Due to recent events... this is the end of my LJ. Its not worth this crap. I'll still read ya'lls but I'm not writing anymore. I love ya'll.
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I'm bored. Big suprise.
Margaret came over today and we hung out until about 10 minutes ago. We watched Anchorman hahahaha the funniest movie in the entire world. Now my dad and I are watching Drumline (for the 19th time for me).
PJ and I worked out this afternoon. It was fun. We had our little bodning time. It was really special but I'm totally going to be sore, again, tomorrow. That's alright.
So since my entries have become pointless and I doubt few people are interested in reading them... because I sure wouldn't wanna. I would stop writing but I'm really addicted. Sorry - I am a bad writting entertainer! Woot!
Muwah my loves!
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Yeah. My mom totally saw me roll through a stop sign so I'm not allowed to drive until Monday.
Barbara and Chelsey owe Jessie huge!! Jessie is the only one who would drive down 459 at 9:30 at night to pick them up at the Galleria so they wouldn't die in the rain... woot! And loan them $25.
I'm so tired and I don't feel that well... so I'm waiting for Emmy to come on Jay Leno and then I'm gonna go to bed.
Night. Muwah!
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Hi there.
I'm really bored... jeez.
I'm really sore too - man... that dance killed me. But it was so fun. I'm really bummed that Brown has that bacterial infection... not only because he's sick and because we can't get auditions done with...
I've become obsessed with Billy Joel and Movin' Out. Woot!!!
I've been workin at school and doing well... but yikes the grades for last semester are really bad - and I can't do anything about it - oh well.
I'm gonna go... my parents are going and getting drunk right now, so yeah. Woot.
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Auditions were... interesting. That dance is so badass and it took that audition to remember how amazing of a coreographer Carl Dean is... if I don't make this show I will die. Bah!
Break a leg to each and everyone of you that auditioned!!!
I am starting to feel icky.
I'm gonna go eat and then I'm gonna go actually do my homework.
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Clinton is finally home.
Auditions are tomorrow. I'm nervous as all get out. Yates is so short with me and it makes me nervous. I'm not nervous about dancing, or singing... just nervous about actually making it. Girls... we are singing America! So... learn ahead of time! Hahaha.
Band is really hard. The song is so cool, but jeez - its so freakin hard. Preston and I are like... what?! Hahaha! I love how in one part the euphoniums play with melody in the same octave as the clarinets. Hahahaha!
I really need to sleep, but I just can't. I don't know why - I haven't been able to for a week or two now. I don't know what the problem is. Oh well.
Break a leg tomorrow if you are auditioning!!!
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